How to use Commercial Sounds on TikTok

Commercial Sounds on TikTok

TikTok Creative Center

In regards to trend information, the TikTok Creative Center is your best ally. Navigate to the Trend Intelligence menu to view hashtag, song, creator, and video data. You can search or browse songs from the previous day, the previous 30 days, or the previous 120 days. A region can also be selected.

In the Songs section, there are two tabs: Popular and Breakout. The Popular tab ranks the most popular songs in the selected region, whereas the Breakout tab displays the fastest-growing songs.

Hashtags or TikTok Videos Pages

These lists do not include user-generated content, but you can use other Creative Center pages to discover trends that are not driven by songs. Check out the Hashtags or TikTok Videos pages to discover what’s popular.

The most important thing to remember when using TikTok sounds is to avoid copyright violations. Many popular TikTok sounds feature hit songs, but brands are not individuals and must adhere to different guidelines.

There are numerous ways for a brand to incorporate sounds without violating legal restrictions. Brands can license music, utilize stock audio, produce original or branded sounds, and repost user-generated content. These alternate options enable you to capitalize on trends and establish your brand as a participant in the dialogue.

The Commercial TikTok Library

Utilize the Commercial Music Library on TikTok to gain access to thousands of royalty-free music tracks. You can filter by genre, subject matter, length, and more. Additionally, you can view premade playlists to discover new music.

Access the library via desktop or app. Open the app’s camera, then tap “Sounds” after clicking “Add sound” at the top of the screen. Select “Commercial sounds” This page allows you to browse and search for audio. Explore the list of available playlists, including Emerging Artists, TikBiz, and TikTok Viral. Additionally, you can find instrumentals of popular songs so that you can reference popular music without infringing on it.

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Curating Custom Audio

Curating custom audio will allow your brand to stand out and connect with the TikTok culture. Create unique sounds by remixing stock sounds and adding narration or sound effects. Voiceovers can also be used for vlogs such as event recaps.

It is not necessary to have a hit song to have an effective sound. Consider using “talking head” audio, in which a person speaks directly to the camera. For tutorials and storytimes, talking head content is ideal.

Collaborating with Creative Agencies

Consider collaborating with creative agencies, music producers, or artists to commission a branded sound. Consider branded sounds as the interactive version of the modern jingle. Users’ ability to generate their own content makes branded sounds ideal for campaigns.

Utilize the sound as a call to action by requesting that viewers create a video using your branded sound and hashtag. Be sure to give your sound a formal name as well. If you give your audio a name, other users will be able to search for it and locate it, which is excellent for brand recognition and exposure.

TikTokers Use Duets for Reaction

Additionally, dueling is a common tactic. A Duet displays two videos simultaneously on a split screen. To encourage collaboration in some way, TikTokers use duets for reaction videos, responses, and more. For instance, a TikToker may sing or recite lyrics. The creator will pause so that another creator can contribute their own flair.

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