Latest Fuel prices in Pakistan

Latest Fuel prices in Pakistan

Government dropped another petrol blast on people after increase in prices of petrol to Rs 281.87 per liter and Diesel up to Rs 295.64. The people should get ready to bear this burden along with a lot of other taxes on daily commodities.

According to the report, per liter petrol price gone up to 12%, high speed diesel witnessed the rise of 12.5% and now it’s become Rs 32.84 per litre. Kerosene oil is estimated to be increase by Rs 28.05 per liter. The new prices are based on current budget of government and PSO incidentals.

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Pakistani Rupee Devaluation

This increase in price of petrol is witnessed because of Pakistan rupee devaluation. According to the press release the prices would be effective in the month of February, this increase came as Finance Minister presented the money bill in parliament to fulfil IMF fund demands.

Pakistan is locked in deals with International Monetary Fund (IMF) for release of bailout funds that’s why mini budget is also presented to raise taxes on luxury items to 25% causing high inflation of 27%. Hike in buses fares and first stand business class air travel, sugary drinks are also proposed and accepted in parliament.

Government already burdened common man with mini budget which is causing increase in General Sales Tax as well as the prices. This additional hike in prices is getting hard on citizens. People are already facing shortage of gas at petrol stations due to winter season. And it is mostly used for transport purpose.

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While Kerosene oil is used in remote areas where petroleum gas is not available for cooking purpose. Pakistan Army is a key user of Kerosene oil in northern areas. But increase in price of petroleum and fuel products is not getting easy with citizens of Pakistan.

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