PM Shahbaz Shareef on two day visit to Turkey

PM Shahbaz Shareef on two day visit to Turkey

Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Shareef reached Turkey for a two day visit as a special gesture to show solidarity with Turkish people in times of need. Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef will meet Turkish president Rajab Tayyab Erdogan to convey his condolences on behalf of Pakistani nation. Turkey is witnessing widespread damage and loss of lives, Pakistan stands with Turkey in this difficult time.

The Prime Minister will reiterate Pakistan’s commitment to Turkey that both the nations will stand together no matter the situation. Pakistan will continue its efforts for relief aid to support brother country Turkey.

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Efforts to help Turkey

Shahbaz Shareef will also visit earthquake-affected areas in Turkey to check the situation and will also interact with rescue teams as well as survivors at the affected places. Earlier Prime Minister had spoken with President Erdogan to ensure all kinds of efforts for Turkey.

The death toll in Turkey reached 41000 while operation is still going on to recover more people under rubble. The deadly quake also left a lot of people homeless in this cold freezing weather.

President Erdogan told media that situation is under control now. We are facing greatest disaster not only in our country but also in the history of humanity. Due to this earthquake, more than 5000 people also died in Syria.

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Countries from all around the world are sending aids to Turkey and Syria. Pakistan also sent necessary items and medical as well as rescue teams to help people of Turkey and Syria. We as a Muslim countries are standing with our Turkish and Syrian brother and ready to provide any kind of help.

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