Unique Muslim girls name in 2023

Unique Muslim girls name in 2023

Muslim Baby Girl

When a Muslim baby girl is born, the first thing we do is give her a lovely name since it has a significant influence on her life.

Here are some current Muslim baby girl names with meanings for your daughter. Here is a list of the most popular Muslim baby girl names, including Zoya, Alina, Ayat, and Maya. These are the most gorgeous and distinctive Muslim female names with lovely meanings.

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Top Muslim Girl Names

Here, we give the top Muslim girl names, from which you can simply select one.

1. Afana which means “to forgive”

2. Fayroz which means “inspired by”

3. Huda which means “lead life”

4. Nausheen which means “sweet girl”

5. Sameera which means “truly alive”

6. Asma which means “excellent”

7. Safa which means “pure”

8. Aima which means “leader”

9. Nura which means “full of light”

10. Jamila which means “women with compete feminine”

Everything is suitable for a new angel in the family!

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