Job applicants wore mask to avoid looks discrimination

Job applicants wore mask to avoid looks discrimination

A company in Chengdu, China asked its applicants and recruiters to wear mask during the whole interview to avoid any kind of discrimination because of looks. This decision took its way to internet and made news headline.

The video is also circulating in which several applicants can be seen wearing masks. The company explained the matter saying that video is shot on its biannual recruitment fair and the masks decision was took to avoid bias based on looks.

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The Chinese Ant Logistics Company said that this method is introduced to reduce the stress level of candidates who feels pressure because of their appearances. This method will help us in selecting candidates based on their abilities nor the looks.

The video is circulating over the internet and a lot of people are giving positive feedback to this decision. One of the user commented that this would be best for a person who is socio phobic and needs to avoid people. One of another user commented that this is equality, good looks should not count in jobs.

Some of users also commented that this was something else but as the video got viral company turned it into a publicity stunt. According to the explanations given by company it looks like that video is shot on a recruitment day and masks were allegedly issued to protect identities of people.

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Well if it is to avoid looks discrimination then the law should be applied to other companies too. It would help people in getting jobs based on their skills not the looks.

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