Why does My Wifi says no Internet? (Solved)

My Wifi says no Internet

Internet Connectivity Issues

As long as you can connect to it, the internet is fantastic. In terms of internet connectivity issues, you are likely to encounter one of two scenarios. Either your computer indicates that there is no internet connection or that there is a connection, but you cannot access the web. For individuals with wireless connections, the error message “WiFi connected but no internet” is likely to appear. In this post, you will discover the meaning of this error message, its possible underlying causes, and the measures you may take to resolve the issue.

Let’s begin by comprehending the issue. The error message WiFi connected but no internet indicates that your device can connect to your local network, often your router or modem, but cannot communicate with other systems, such as websites or servers, on the internet.

Android and iOS Smartphones

This problem is shown by a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark on Windows PCs and by a black exclamation mark on Android and iOS smartphones. It is followed by one of the error messages listed below:

1. WiFi connected but no internet

2. Connected, no internet access

3. WiFi has no Internet Access

4. No internet connection

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WiFi Connection

To identify the necessary resolution procedures, you must evaluate whether the “WiFi connection but no internet” problem affects a single device or the whole local network. This check will assist us in determining the most likely cause and subsequently the most effective solution to your internet connectivity issue.

If your computer is the lone device that indicates a connection but cannot access the internet, you likely have a misconfigured configuration, defective drivers or WiFi adapter, DNS or IP address difficulties.

Computer or Mobile Device

Try connecting another computer or mobile device, such as an Android smartphone or an iPhone, to the same WiFi network. If you can access websites and surf the web on other devices, you can be certain that the problem is exclusive to your computer.

If every device on your network has a WiFi connection but cannot access the internet, it is probable that your router or modem is malfunctioning. Alternately, your Internet service provider may be experiencing issues.

Network’s Components

This is not always possible, but if you have access to an alternative WiFi network nearby, try connecting the same computer to it. If you can access the internet on a different network, then the problem is not with your device but with one of the network’s components.

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