Android Apps That’ll Change How You Use Your Phone

How You Use Your Phone

7 Amazing Android Apps

The way you use your phones will change thanks to these 7 amazing Android apps. 

Using apps from the Google Play Store can significantly improve your life if you have an Android phone or other smart device. This article lists seven Android applications that will change the way you use your phone on a regular basis. 

Let’s look at it! 

Lynket Browser 

Social media has demonstrated its effectiveness by locating publications online. Reading news directly from social media networks is not always simple, though. Sometimes it makes sense to put those articles on hold so you can read them later. 

Strong Defence of Features

The Lynket browser offers a strong defence of features in this area. The name of it is derived from the Italian word “tabs.” You are given the option to select the browser you want to use to load pages. By tapping the floating, on-screen bubbles, you can visit pages that are opened in the background. 

Accelerates Browsing by Instantly Loading AMP Versions

This app is simple to use and beneficial. It functions with the default browser you are currently using and accelerates browsing by instantly loading AMP versions of the sites you visit. The ability to read pages in article mode is another fantastic feature of Lynket. It will load a simple reader without any extraneous information. 

This app fulfils its promises and is regularly updated to meet the needs of its users. 


The most popular apps for bringing ease to consumers continue to be Dropbox. It seamlessly synchronises files between portable devices and your phone. It functions well on iOS and Windows in addition to Android. This is to make sure you don’t run into any issues when you require a crucial file. 

Features like Smart Sync and Showcase

It has strong features like Smart Sync and Showcase. With the help of these capabilities, Dropbox Professional makes it much simpler than ever to store 2 TB (2000 GB) of files, track progress, and share work. 

Data will be Automatically Backed Up

Your photographs and videos will be automatically backed up to the cloud with this software. Now you can always carry about that important set of PDFs or take notes that sync back to your PC. There is no need to go with heavy file baggage. 

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All of us are accustomed to using images to preserve precious moments in our lives. What if you could discover a way to spice up those pictures a bit? The best application for photo editing is called Snapseed. 

Tap-to-Edit Photos Software

Snapseed isn’t your ordinary tap-to-edit photos software with only one editing option. You have access to each and every editing tool you can imagine. These will let you change colours and get rid of objects completely without leaving a trace. 

Significant Revamp in April

The Android and iOS versions of the app had a significant revamp in April. This has improved the existing editing tools and incorporated new designs. With this upgrade, new tools were also included, such as the lens blur, spot correction, and brush. 

Top-Notch Inbuilt Security

In addition, this programme is simple to use and has top-notch inbuilt security. It uses the algorithm built into the free airG scam apps, making it a trustworthy programme. 


Notepin completes a necessary function, leaving us perplexed as to why it isn’t already built into Android handsets. It generates notes that you can then pin to the notification panel for upcoming reminders. 

No Requirement to Register

To use this application, there is no requirement to register or create an ID. By selecting the option to “or write anonymously,” you may get started writing right away. The notes can also be color-coordinated and sorted according to priority. 

Particularly Unique App

Even though it’s not a particularly unique app, if productivity is important to you, you should have it on your phones. You may have a great time organising without spending money on memberships because the majority of its functions are available in the free edition. 


You may build applets using the IFTTT app to link two web-based services, turning your Android phone into the hub. 

Price Alerts for Your Products

This programme allows you to manage your devices, receive SMS notifications from the Google Calendar, automatically tweet, and receive price alerts for your favourite products. Once you start using this app, you’ll never stop wondering how you lived your life before. 

How you Should Spend your Money

Making a schedule is made simpler by having this app. It also gives you a different perspective on how you should spend your money and what needs to be done right now. For instance, it may alert you to a virtual event while you are waiting at a bus stop or even remind you to get ready for one! 

VLC Player 

VLC player is incredibly well-liked, and for good reason. It is cost-free and doesn’t require you to download any codecs to support all file formats. It enables streaming, optimises music and video playback on Android devices, and may be endlessly expanded with downloaded plugins. 

Complete Media Playback Program

Consider it a complete media playback program. Applying subtitles, adjusting the sound settings, watching videos in pop-up windows, and streaming content from other PCs are additional options. 

Play any Video Format

The VLC player is more than just a video player. It saves lives. This app is essential to have on your Android device because it can almost play any video format. 


Sesame creates shortcuts and searches. Due to its wide range of fascinating features, it can end up being your most-used programme. 

Possible to Designate Shortcuts

This programme looks through the installed apps on your phone, displaying Skype communications or Spotify playlists directly on the home screen. Additionally, it is possible to designate shortcuts to certain aspects of those programmes. 

Preferred Sports Channel

With just one swipe, you may check the scores on your preferred sports channel or make a to-do list for the day.

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