UAE efforts to provide Humanitarian aid to Turkey and Syria

UAE efforts to provide Humanitarian aid to Turkey and Syria

Turkey and Syria is affected by massive earthquake killing more than 21000 people and leaving many people without shelter. Almost 80000 people are injured in hospitals. The government of Turkey appealed for emergency aid and countries from all round the world provided aid for Turkey and Syria earthquake victims.

According to United States Geological survey, 7.8 magnitude quake struck in Turkey’s Gaziantep province with the depth of 24.1 kilometers. This Natural disaster is one of the deadliest disaster as the chances of surviving are less than others still many people are surviving under the rubble even after 48 hours.

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Earthquake Aid Support

Countries from around the globe are offering help for victims of Turkey and Syria, UAE government and companies also provided aid, support and prayers. UAE leadership was the first one to visit Turkey and Syria in these crises. The companies in UAE called for urgent relief aid to support people effected massively.

The UAE Council for Fatwa also called out for urgent relief to support Syrian and Turkish brothers. A campaign named “Bridges of Goodness” is also launched by Emirates Red Crescent in coordination with foreign ministry and Ministry of Community Development. The main aim of this campaign is to provide more aid for victims and making sure that it should reach the deserved victims.

The Red Crescent council said that, “Based on Noble values, our Islamic Principles, and Emirati efforts in supporting Humanitarian work, the council urges everyone to expedite the provision of relief aid and to those affected by earthquake to help alleviate their suffering and mitigate the repercussions of this disaster”.

This council aim to provide best aid for survivors and making sure that under good supervision it will reach the eligible persons. It also involved armed forces, the Ministry of Interior and other supporting organization in rescue operation. UAE always aimed to provide best possible aid without the fact of any country in the world. It always tried to help everyone on humanitarian basis.

This Aid Relief and Humanitarian Initiative aims to provide food, support, medical equipment, shelters and other necessary essentials to survive in cold weather.

Emirates airline also collaborated with Dubai International Humanitarian City to deliver 100 tons of crucial aid for deadly earthquake survivors. The first flights took off carrying family tents, medical kits, and heavy thermal blankets.

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The Government of UAE is always available for helping the communities affected by any kind of incident. UAE also provided huge aid for flood victims of Pakistan. The government of UAE believe on humanity and kindness and they prefer humanity over anything, this aid initiative proved the humanitarian aim of UAE government.

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