Ramzan Relief Package for public

Ramzan Relief Package for public

Pakistan is going through severe economic crises, as last year flood caused a lot of disruptions in economic, financial and food management. A lot of crops have been fully damaged and Pakistan is facing serious food crises right now.

Along with all these crises political conflicts are also the main reason of economic downfall, in all these situations citizens are having a really hard time in managing daily expenses.

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The Federal government has decided to provide ease for public in the Holy month of Ramzan by reducing the prices of 19 major food items. This special package will be available in all the cities of Pakistan. A reduction of Rs. 3.28 billion has been decided for 19 food items under the Ramzan Relief Package. The special subsidy will also be provided on all utility stores for people registered in Benazir Income Support Programme.

Subsidy on 19 food items

According to the reports, Rs. 100 per kg subsidy has been decided for ghee and tea, for per kg flour Rs. 51.92 subsidy is decided. Sugar is finalised with subsidy of Rs.30 per kg along with milk and beverages. Subsidy of Rs. 50 per kg will be provided on dates and Rs. 25 on oil.

Pulses and rice will be available with subsidy of Rs.20. Rs.27 per kg subsidy will be provided for citizens who are not registered under Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) and federal cabinet will approve this Ramzan Package.

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Earlier, economic reports also claimed that inflation in Pakistan increased at the rate of 31.5% on yearly basis. According to the data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics it is increased by 4.3% on monthly basis. This is the highest inflation rate recorded since the data is available from July 1965.

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