How to join a political party in Pakistan?

How to join a political party in Pakistan?

It is usually believed that economic growth can only be take place under the ruling of eligible political party in country. But in case of Pakistan, the country lacks wisdom and intellectual thoughts by our politicians.

Pakistan is divided into four provinces, one capital and small territory. All of the provinces of Pakistan has a provincial assembly, a legislature. The members of assembly are elected for five years. Each assembly elects a chief Minister, who is then responsible for electing ministers for the cabinet. The government setup made for Pakistan is competitive and updated but still Pakistan lacks in many fields.

The political parties of Pakistan rule the ideological spectrum, regional, ethnic and religious matters. The people of Pakistan select the ruling political party with voting process in election. In history Pakistan is also ruled by military dictatorship. Now the question is, are these political parties made on hierarchal basis, or anyone with political understanding can join the political parties. Here we are sharing some details to join a political party in Pakistan.

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Joining a political party in Pakistan

A person who is a citizen of Pakistan, more than 25 years of age on January 1st, not declared as unsound mind by the court, and deemed to be the resident of electoral area, must not be convicted by the court of Pakistan, fair knowledge of Islamic teachings, must be a Sadiq and Ameen person and already worked to serve public and maintaining nation’s integrity and ideology.

There are two ways to participate in politics of Pakistan, either to from one’s own political party or become a member of already existing political parties. According to laws by Election Commission of Pakistan:

  • Every citizen shall have right to join a political party or form a party.
  • Educational qualification being a graduate a processing bachelor degree, or equivalent.
  • The person’s name shall be duly entered in record of political party as a member.
  • Should be able to have a membership card of political party.
  • A person shall not be a member of two political parties at one time.
  • A member joining a political party shall be required to pay a membership fee and in addition should be able to provide some funds for political party.
  • Should not be declared as criminal or wanted from a y national or international force.

Political parties play a vital role in fostering constitutional, and federal democratic political culture in country, the one joining the party should have historical knowledge of party as well as the country’s political situation. The person joining the party should have some name in his residential and working era and capable enough to persuade people for supporting him.

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Starting own political party

According to the provisions of orders of law, any individual, association, or anybody have right to form, organize ad setup a political party. A forming political party shall have distinct identity on national, provincial and local level. A political party should have a proper name to register. A member want to form a political party should be free of any crime case under the court of Pakistan.

The leader and members of political party should not be indulged in any terrorist activity on national and international level. The aim and objective of part should be clear and to help the citizens of Pakistan. A specific membership fee should be paid by political party and its all members.

Political party should be eligible to participate in local and provincial government and should be capable enough to earn a place in assemblies. The individual or group that want to form a political party should be able to cover party funds.

According to moral laws and rules, a person or group forming a political party should have the sense of patriotism in mind to serve Pakistan and people of Pakistan in more positive ways and help in making Pakistan a developed nation.

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