Sheikh Rashid’s residence sealed

Sheikh Rashid’s residence sealed

The Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid’s residential house is sealed by Federal Investigation authority in the early hours of Monday. Former interior minister tweeted that, the residence is completely sealed by bloodthirsty government. He said that his ancestral place lal haveli was completely sealed in the dark of night.

He added that rangers and FC corps were asked for help but they refused and FIA with the help of police sealed my house forcefully. He said that Lal Haveli is my personal place with five Marlas for living place and remaining for public service of party. He added that he will hold a press conference in his residential place at 5 pm today to address the issue.

A heavy number of police officers were present while sealing the house. According to source, the endowment department sealed all the entrances of place with official lock and start investigating the property from today onwards.

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Illegal pocession of Lal haveli

The official authorities of investigation claimed that lal haveli is government property and Sheikh Rashid is using it illegally for a long time. The former interior minister said that he is going to challenge the move in Islamabad High court and petition will be filled immediately in next two hours.

He added that we will request a petition to de-seal lal haveli and senior judge of IHC Sadaqat Ali Khan will be hearing the petition. The AML lawyer said that we have pictures and videos of forcefully sealing the residential place and definitely going to challenge this act in court.

The civil court in Rawalpindi also rejected Sheikh Rashid’s plea of challenging the order of evacuating Lal Haveli. The AML Chief Sheikh Rashid argued with the court saying that sealing the property comes under political victimization we are not allowing any kind of forceful sealing in Pakistan. In response court said that department could not stop any action of investigation authority as it is related to property litigation.

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The next hearing on Sheikh Rashid’s illegal property case will be heard on February 15th. The lawyer of AML party reported to news source that they cannot wait for next hearing and going to challenge again the today’s action of investigation authority.

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