PTI protest in Rawalpindi

PTI protest in Rawalpindi

PTI protestors came out in rallies form in Rawalpindi garrison for protest against inflation in country and demanded government to conduct early elections in Pakistan.

The former member of National assembly Sheikh Rashid Ahmad and provincial assembly member Arif Abbasi lead the rally from Marir Hassan to Sir Syed Chowk. The second rally was brought out by Amir Mehmood on Peshawar Road to bank road, Saddar.

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Protestors demand from Government

The protestors demanded early elections of national and provincial assembly on same day, they were all carrying placards and slogans against the current government and Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef.

The speakers of the protest addressed public and said that the current government is only busy in money looting and corruption, while people are suffering from inflation. It is difficult for public to manage daily expenses in this increasing inflation.

They said the prices of daily items like wheat, rice, chicken and gas increased on daily basis. Poor people are living miserable life and government is not taking responsibility for them. They said that during Imran khan tenure, everything was okay and people were getting edible on low prices as compare to this government, public is facing inflation crises on high level.

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The protestors demanded quick election in country because PDM is failed in providing any relief to masses.

After the dissolution of Punjab and KPK assembly, general elections in country would be announced soon as the country is at risk because of poor political situation in country.

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