Nawaz Shareef will participate in next elections

Nawaz Shareef will participate in next elections

Federal Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal reported to media that Nawaz Shareef will participate in next elections campaign. He will soon return to country and start leading the party again.

After inaugurating new research Centre in Ouja campus of Dow University, he talked to media saying, Nawaz Shareef is our leader and it has been clear that conspiracy against him was not true and also intrigue for country.

He said that Nawaz Shareef will soon return to country and lead the election campaign of PML-N, he will clear all the injustice done against him in 2017. To another question he responded that no one has any objection on making Maryam Nawaz the party vice-president.

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PML-N seats in LG polls Karachi

He said that Maryam is a valuable asset for party as she managed all the crises party was facing in regime of Imran khan. He further added that PTI faced a clear loss in LG polls in Karachi and PML-N don’t even have any lawmaker in Karachi still we won nine seats from Karachi, which is more ratio than PTI.

Ahsan Iqbal said that this is proved success of our party and we will do same in LG polls of Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He advised PTI chairman Imran khan to stop his negative politics in country. He further said that we have no rooms for his bad political decisions, his decision of dissolving assemblies has destabilized the economy of Pakistan.

He said that all the political parties should work on same page to make Pakistan grow faster and better. He told the reporters that PML-N is now focused on biotechnology, as it could help in serving downtrodden communities in a best possible way.

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He added that, “we have seen the effective application of biotechnology saved more than 40,000 oppressed people in world from hunger dying”. A little hard work is all we need in Pakistan to make it strong biotechnological country.

He said that methods of biotechnology will also be helpful in farming and upcoming climatic challenges for agriculture. PML-N is focused on dealing with future challenges of economy, environment, climate, food and poverty.

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