PTI is not famous enough in Karachi

PTI is not famous enough in Karachi

PTI claim to be the party of youth and two third majority, but after the results of Sindh Local Government polls, it is clear that PTI is not famous enough now. There were a very low percentage of people who voted in Sindh LG polls and most of them were aged, youngsters seem to be uninterested in casting vote.

The experts said that because of delay in elections by ECP and Sindh Government people showed lack of interest in voting. One of another expert said that if PTI is not able to perform in LG polls, how the party is claiming to win majority in provincial government polls.

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The journalists also pointed out that ECP staff is not trained enough because of which results delayed. The journalist Nasir Baig Chughtai said that Pakistan is lacking in technology and it is not acceptable in 2023 to delay elections result.

An analyst, Nadia Naqi said that PTI is not working on gross root level in Sindh that caused decrease in voting level. Whereas PPP is working on better terms to fulfill public demands. 

PTI need to work more and cooperate with public on ground level to get back its majority otherwise it seems that party will not get good results as it got in 2018 elections.

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PTI claiming to be youth’s party is also not applicable as youth is no more interested in voting for any of the political party. This lack of interest is a serious threat for parties like PTI who claim to be young people’s party.

One of the young girl who came with her parents, in Hyderabad polling station, said that I have casted my vote last time but didn’t noticed any change in situation so its waste of time to cast vote to same parties.

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