King Charles to Punish Prince Harry

King Charles to Punish Prince Harry

The British King Prince Charles think that he should use his powers to punish his younger son Prince Harry as he is out of control and forgot that he is a prince.

Prince Harry recently wrote a book ‘Spare’ in which he opened up about negative secrets of British Monarchy. Prince Harry told truth about all the controversies against Meghan Markle and said that his family is using fake propaganda against her.

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Conflict between Royal family

Prince Harry is youngest son of British King Charles; he has been in news headlines because of his wedding decision with model and actress Meghan Markle. The whole Royal family is against this wedding and people heard a lot about the couple.

While the recent book of Prince Harry, cleared all the fake rumors about couple and book is sold out more than 1.4 million times on the first day of Publication.

Prince Harry wrote about his love life and also told the readers about some negative side of Royal life. In response to which, King Charles decided to punish Prince Harry as he talked negative about the royals. He said that we will not allow anyone to defame British Royalty and Prince Harry need to be stop.

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Prince Harry in his book spare also told about Queen Elizabeth’s reaction on his wedding announcement. He further wrote that King Charles, his father is also not ready to accept any outsider in monarchy. They have fear that someone more shiny and outstanding will start ruling the British Royals.

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