London Police Officer Attempted Rape

London Police Officer Attempted Rape

A Police Officer in London admitted raping more than dozens of women in his 17 years of job, the prosecutor of the case told that it is one of the most shocking cases in history of London.

The officer David Carrick, joined Metropolitan Police force in 2001 and served with parliamentary and Diplomatic protection command. He accepted that he is charged for 49 offenses, from which 24 are rape cases.

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The Police department apologized to victims as the citizen protection officer is himself involve in assaulting and raping is a big question on eligibility of police department. Nine allegations of rape were made against Carrick from 2000 to 2021.

Police department under Criticism

The Assistant Commissioner of London apologised to victims saying this is tragic case of history and he is really sorry for not removing David from Police force earlier.

The Culprit David also used his police power to control victims, saying he is a police officer and no one listens to them if they report against him.  Carrick also used some dating websites to make contacts with women and then sexually assaulted them.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that he was absolutely sick and appalled, and it is a shocking aspect that he worked for Met so long while committing abuse and rape.

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Sadiq has put pressure on Met Police force to make changes in its culture and quality, as people are really criticising and putting allegations on whole department. The trust of people on police has been undermined as the culprit was a serving officer.

Judge is expected to sentence Carrick in February while public is demanding strict action from government to regulate Police department as they do no more trust the department for their protection.

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