Protest against Big Oil Companies

Protest against Big Oil Companies

The Climate activists in Davos, a famous city of Switzerland, protested against big Oil companies that they are the real danger for climate creating pollution all around the environment.

Climate activists were carrying banners displaying World Economic Forum 2023, and complaining against the big oil firms about creating pollution and increasing climate crises. The protesters demanded clear action against companies and requested government to make more reliable plans for preserving clean energy resources.

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Serious Climatic Crises

The organiser of the protest said that we demand strict and quick climate action to protect our environment which is seriously destroying because of oil companies. The oil companies are destroying environment, the air pollution, the water pollution, smog and many other problems are rising up because of these companies.

The energy companies are involved in bringing new ideas for World Economic Forum (WEF) 2023 and we will be involved with them in same room, we will share our ideas with them and demand government to take more initiatives to protect environment.

More than 100 protestors were gathered in Davos demanding strict action against oil companies. Some of the protesters demanded financial aid in making renewable energy from fossil fuels as they are more reliable and more money making.

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The latest UAE and US collaboration for changing the environment towards clean energy projects is a good example here. Other nations should take some notes from US and UAE and work on climate challenges from today. As the future is coming with great climatic challenges which will be hard to deal with.

The PACE project of UAE and US will help dealing with odd energy sources and make new ways for clean energy production, both the countries are working day and nights on the project and enthusiastic to involve more states in this project.

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