KP Minister is not ready to dissolve Assembly

KP Minister is not ready to dissolve Assembly

In a meeting attended by all the senior officials of PTI, the members agreed on not dissolving the KP assembly yet. The CM Punjab recently dissolved the Punjab Assembly with the advice of Ex PM Imran Khan; the KP assembly was also expected to dissolve on Saturday.

PTI leaders suggest that assembly should be dissolve after 20 January. The senior member of PTI Pervez Khattak suggested that if the assembly will be dissolve on 17 or 18 January than the elections will be held in Ramadan which is dangerous for the party because the voters’ turnout will not be good in Ramadan.

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However if we dissolve the assembly after 20th January, it will be a great turnout for PTI. Because the elections will be held after Eid ul fitr as per Election Commission’s rule of conducting elections after 90 days of dissolution.

The senior member and close friend of Imran Khan said that people would come out in huge crowd and vote conveniently after Eid ul fitr. The Chairman PTI said that if the elections would be held in Ramadan we will still get the good turnout as PTI is one of the leading parties of Pakistan.

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The Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Shoukat Yousafzai also showed their reservations about dissolving the KP assembly. Some of the ministers also mentioned that election campaigns in winter are difficult for public, as they are not ready to participate.

Most of senior members of PTI rejected the idea of dissolving KP Assembly right now but the final decision is still pending by chairman PTI Imran Khan.

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