Energy Conservation plan approved by Federal Cabinet

Energy Conservation plan approved by Federal Cabinet

Today in a news conference in Islamabad, the ministry of Defence Khawaja Asif explained Energy Conversation Plan to save electricity expenses of Pakistan. He said, the plan includes closing of markets and shops by 8:30 p.m, restaurants and food places around 10 p.m.

He said that electricity supply is insufficient for all the eras of country, closing down of markets will help saving 62 Billion Rupees. He said that public should be aware of economical crises the country is facing currently. He said that social, electronic and print media should aware public about saving electricity.

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The members of federal cabinet approved the quick implementation of energy saving plan, saying that federal offices will save 30% energy usage on daily basis and solar panels will be implemented in all the offices.

Energy saving campaign

Khawaja Asif said a campaign will be launched on the print, electronic and social media to create awareness amongst the people about the energy conservation plan. FBR is directed to renew the tax implementation to parliamentary houses. The prices of 20 medicines are also reduced to give relief for common man.

PM Shahbaz Shareef directed the members to make sure the implementation of Electric bikes which will save over US$ 3 Billion spent on petrol motorbikes.

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The Defence minister proposed the idea of installing Conical Baffles in Gysers which will save the supply of gas and making sure the proper availability of gas for all the users and save RS 2 Billion.

The plan also include ideas which will help in dealing with Climate change problems in future. PM Shahbaz Shareef order all the members to be quick on plan and report to him in eight to ten days.

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