The PM Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif announced to transfer power to solar panels

The PM Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif ordered to shift all public buildings to solar power by April next year

In a recent tweet, the Prime minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Shareef announces to make all the federal ministry offices completely solarized till APRIL 2023. He has been focusing on energy and power sources of Pakistan in his recent tweets. He said that reducing the cost of energy production is the only way to control power and energy expenses.

In a meeting with federal secretaries he focused on implying strong leadership to this solarisation project. He said that starting with public offices of federal ministries; we will go further towards local and private offices and the whole country.  

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The Prime minister further added that total dependence on imported electricity is 27 Billion dollars which is totally unbearable for Pakistan with current state of economy. The whole project of making the buildings solarized, we need clarity, strong qualification and third party check on the project.

The world is going rapidly in the field of electronics and technology, we need to focus more on low expense power resources and that is only possible with producing the environment friendly electricity. By making the country solarized and energy rich, it will be a great help to common man and making the country self-dependent in terms of energy and power resources.

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