Why Should You Choose Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Utilize the advantages of solar energy 

People frequently ponder the question “Why is solar energy good?,” which prevents them from understanding the significance of solar technology. Clearly, solar energy is the most readily available renewable energy source today. Homeowners in Pakistan have started to install solar panels on their roofs, taking full advantage of solar energy’s benefits. It is because K-electric in Karachi and other energy providers all over Pakistan have made lives miserable of people residing within the country.

There are important reasons to switch to solar electricity rather than fossil fuels in addition to the obvious financial ones. 

What other factors should you take into account before going solar? Here are 5 strong arguments. 

1. Solar energy is environmentally friendly 

The most well-known aspect of solar energy is that it is a clean, environmentally friendly form of energy. Your carbon footprint can be significantly reduced by using solar energy. Nothing about solar energy pollutes the environment. Except for the necessity for clean water to function, solar power consumes no additional resources. It also doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases. It is therefore secure and environmentally responsible. People continue to question the benefits of solar energy, though. 

Solar energy is independent, and mounting solar panels on your roof is a secure and simple way to support a sustainable future. A fantastic place to start demonstrating your concern for the environment is at home. 

2. Solar Power Allows Your Home to Be Off-the-Grid 

A fantastic illustration of why more people should adopt solar energy is the drop in the price of solar panels. Coal and natural gas are the main sources of fossil fuels used to generate traditional power. They have negative environmental effects in addition to being scarce resources. This results in a market that is unstable, where energy costs change throughout the day. 

Your electricity independence is increased with solar power! With a 4kW solar system, the most popular home size, you can easily safeguard yourself against unforeseen spikes in utility bills and take advantage of inexpensive electricity all day long because the sun never raises its prices and it provides you with energy security. 

Once you get solar panels installed on your roof, you are officially energy independent. Systems that use solar batteries can also help store electricity for use at night and on cloudy days. 

3. Unused Land Can Be Used for Solar Power 

You could still be wondering why solar electricity exists. Solar energy is now widely available to most of us due to our growing need for it. There are enormous areas of land all over the world that are completely undeveloped and located distant from major cities or national capitals. 

Solar energy offers a source of power for everyone, allowing us to actually use the land and so create significant value. By doing this, we can avoid using expensive land that could be more suitable for other uses. 

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Solar farms, which employ numerous solar panels to gather solar energy, may be something you’ve heard about. This exemplifies how solar energy utilises underutilised land perfectly. For instance, a 45 acre solar farm that can power 2,500 homes was recently constructed in the UK. 

4. Solar energy results in fewer electricity losses 

Large power facilities must deliver electricity across large networks to final consumers. Transmission across long distances results in power losses. Ever questioned the purpose of solar panels? They are on your roof in order to harvest solar energy. Considering the close distance, rooftop solar power is beneficial in improving electricity efficiency. You take control of your own expenses and energy use when your energy becomes domestic. Additionally, since solar power systems are robust, there is less danger of service disruption. 

5. Solar Energy Strengthens Grid Security 

We are less likely to have blackouts or brownouts when many people switch to solar electricity. Every home with solar panels installed in Pakistan serves as a mini power plant. As a result, our power grid is more secure, especially in the event of natural or man-made calamities. 

Grants for solar panels also make it possible to get rewarded for sending electricity back to the grid.

Complaints Against K-Electric

Since the article mentions K-electric and the woes that you must be facing while residing in Karachi, here’s a way to lodge a complaint. 

Any of the avenues listed below may be used to file complaints: 

Now sign in to KE Live. With only a few clicks on a PC or mobile device, you may register to access features such as duplicate bills, real-time power updates, reporting power theft, and lodging complaints. Get it right away from the Playstore or Appstore. 

SMS us: After completing a one-time registration process, you can send SMS complaints. Type CHAT [space], [your message] and SMS it to 8119 to file a complaint. 

Call 118 or (021) 99000 to talk with a representative about a complaint. 

On Facebook: Go to the page at facebook.com/kelectricpk and send an email with your problem. 

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