How to Save Electricity in Pakistan

Save Electricity in Pakistan

The increasing use of air conditioners and coolers during the sweltering summer heat leads to greater electricity costs and more electricity consumption. We use these machines around the clock to stay cool during the terrible heat waves since they are so essential to our way of life. It goes without saying that utilizing ACs for extended periods of time can be expensive. What can you do, then, to prevent your electricity bill from draining your finances and save electricity instead? 

Efficient Ways to Lower Electricity Consumption This Summer 

Some of the most frequently asked questions throughout the summer are “How to conserve electricity?” and “What are the strategies to save electricity during summers?” 

Paint Your Roof White

In Pakistan, the summer months bring with them unjustified long load-shedding periods. Painting your roof white is one of the best methods to survive load shedding. The inside temperature of your home is cooled when your roof reflects sunlight. If your roof is covered with black tar, the heat inside the house will be trapped, producing an oven-like effect. Naturally, this results in increased interior heat. 

You will need to operate the air conditioner for a longer period of time to reach the ideal temperature if your home’s roof receives direct sunlight. It has been found that painting the roof white reflects about 90% of sunlight and lessens the heat which results in maintaining a consistent temperature indoors and out. This implies that in order to keep your space cool, you might not need an AC. The air current will progressively reduce the indoor temperature. 

Unplugging The Out-of-use Appliances

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Examine Equipment That Consumes More Energy

Employ a competent electrician to examine your home and determine which area is using more energy and why. People who have lived in the same home for a long time are inclined to neglect to fix worn-out wiring and rusted sockets. These modest but necessary electrical devices use extra energy. Fix the leaks if you want your house to be energy efficient. Your electricity costs will go down and the process will cost less. 

Use Appliances After Business Hours

You can see a schedule on your utility bill. The time periods when the meter runs normally and when it runs quicker are suggested by this table. You ought to make an effort to benefit from the times when the meter runs normally. During these times, avoid using heavy equipment like the vacuum cleaner, iron, or washing machine. Charge electronics at this time. 

Choose Your Air Conditioner Wisely

Make sure you get the right air conditioner when you go to buy one. The machine you pick ought to be the most appropriate for your space. The idea that a huge air conditioner will cool the space more quickly is a prevalent one. A properly sized air conditioner helps chill your space while also lowering your electricity costs. Buildings in Pakistan are typically not insulated.

Additionally, the summer season lasts for more than half the year. Therefore, choosing the proper AC will result in cheaper electricity costs. Before making any purchases, do extensive research to determine which brand and size are ideal for you.

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