Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ showing ugly side of Royal Life

Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ showing ugly side of Royal Life

Prince Harry wrote his memoir ‘Spare’ which got released on Tuesday, selling 1.4 Million copies on first day, in his book he wrote about bitter inside of Royal Family as well as how he fell in love with his wife Meghan Markle.

There is mix population of British people who like and dislike Prince Harry but after the sale report of his book, it seems that more people like him and Meghan Markle. The couple has been in news from a long time as they are breaking stereotypes of British Royal Family.

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Black side of Royal Monarchy

In the book of Prince Harry, he revealed some facts about disagreement and distrust among the members of Royal Family. He said that after he announced his engagement with Meghan Markle, his father didn’t tolerate it because he thinks that Meghan will grab the limelight from everyone else in the family.

His father, King Charles iii was not happy with her relationship with Meghan because the Royal Family can’t see someone else dominating, and more shiny and even not a part of Royal Family. Harry wrote about his and Brother William’s conflict and how their father disputed them as he doesn’t want to ruin his last era of monarchy.

The stepmother of Harry, Camila also leaked the private conversation of Harry and William to destroy his reputation. From this publication of Harry’s own written book, it has been proved that Royal Family is now not real royal, and they are going towards downfall with time. It has been reported that the support of Royal monarchy got down from 22 rating to 18.

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After the release of Harry’s book in the midnight, public arrived to bookshops as they all wanted to buy first hand book, saying they have read a lot about Prince Harry from the newspapers but now they want to know him from his own perspective.

This book has led some question to whether this British Royal Monarchy will lest now or it would be damage to Prince Harry’s reputation.

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