After Meghan,Harry explosive interview, reports reveal Queen Elizbeth might be protecting royals who passed racist comments


Meghan Markle along with her husband and former Prince, Harry, revealed some shocking details of her life with the British royal family when she was being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. A lot of people came forward to extend their support for the couple, who was relieved by all royal duties last year.

One of the most shocking details was shared by Markle when she said that the royal family had expressed concerns of the ‘color’ of the skin of the baby after the news of her being pregnant came into notice. This gave rise to racism debate and people started accusing the royal family for being racists.

Now, media reports revealed that Queen Elizabeth might be stepping up her game to protect those who passed the racist comments. The Queen has reportedly spoken to the undisclosed member of the British Royal family. This came into view after Royal author Phil Dampier spoke to the Daily Mail saying that he thinks that the monarch has already spoken to the senior royal about the allegations of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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While talking to the Daily Mail, he said, “The queen is really saying that Harry and Meghan might be giving their version of events or their interpretation of a conversation a couple of years ago, without going so far as to say they are lying, which they might not be.”

He said that it is very clear that the monarch has already spoken to the person who was responsible for passing on the racist comments and they have also given their version of the story. Dampier has been reporting on the whereabouts of the royal family for a long time and he stressed that the Queen wants to keep the identity of the royal family member ‘a secret’.

He also stressed that if the name of this royal member comes out, it will never die down and the monarch is well-aware of that.

There were a lot of things that were revealed during the interview with Oprah Winfrey. Be it her relationship with Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, or Prince Harry’s relationship with her brother. However, it was the racism point that drew most attention. Buckingham Palace issued a statement following the interview which said that the family was saddened to hear how much the couple has been suffering past years and also added that the racism claims were concerning.

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