What Meghan Markel Revealed In Oprah Winfrey Show

Meghan Markel

Actor and now Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markel has made some pertinent comments about lack of privacy due to her royal status. The paparazzi of the world are known to intrude into the lives of celebrities leaving them no space to breathe or privacy.

Supporting her was her husband Prince Harry who felt that history would repeat in their lives as in the case of his mother’s death, when paparazzi kept digging into her death and would not let the family mourn in peace.

Speaking her heart, Markel mentioned how important it is to respect private space and boundaries. Even celebrities or members of the royal family deserve this much, even though they happily share their growth story and personal moments with their well wishers and fans.

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In many separate cases, many couples have refrained from sharing too many images of their newborns with the press or social media. With the social media infringing into every inch of personal space, most celebrities have started to feel violated and uneasy of their private moments being not so private anymore.

The story doing rounds now is that Markel has spilled the beans on how things are not as rosy as it seems in the royalty and this was one reason that she and Prince Harry decided to have a life away from royalty. She opened up and spoke about her mental health struggles and everything else she had to deal with.

Meghan also mentioned how her first born was told will not get any security or status as royalty, even before he was born. She was discriminated from the beginning about her colour and looks and was told that the child might not look as beautiful and fair as royalty. Both did not take any names.

As a new age couple, both admitted that standing by their own decision, was not easy and stepping out of the shadows of royalty seemed like the only way that Prince Harry could save himself and his wife’s deteriorating mental health.

The royalty has been suspected involved in the death of Princess Diana, a crime that was never proven. While the sons have grown in the shadows of her loss, the sense of self has never left Prince Harry. Speaking about stepping out of the shadows, Prince Harry did not mince his words when he attributed it to the compassion of Meghan Markel who gave him the courage to come out and breathe. Prince Harry admitted that his father and brother and still trapped. But the new age royalty knows how to stand their ground and have set a benchmark into sense of individual space and identity.

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