Misha Lakhani Couture collection for Spring 2023

Misha Lakhani Couture collection for Spring 2023

Misha’s Love for Couture Storytelling

Each item tells a vivid tale and pays respect to our rich and diverse past. It also showcases the remarkable abilities of subcontinental craftsmen and Misha’s love for couture storytelling via its use of traditional materials and ancient artisanal processes.

The idea of easy splendor combined with embellishments that subtly draw attention to themselves is the driving force behind each and every one of our designs. The collection is heavily infused with flora and fauna features, and it is dazzling with Indian chintz, appliqué, zardozi, and foil printing. By reimagining the ancient with the modern, the designer has created pure beauty.

Handcrafted Techniques from Skilled Artisans

Sorbet pastels are included in the collection, and they convey an artistic simplicity, breathtaking beauty, and everlasting appeal. The most exquisite creations for your closet are crafted by combining opulent materials with handcrafted techniques from skilled artisans.

Attend one of our Couture Trunk presentations in any of the following cities to peruse the collection and marvel at its exquisite pieces:

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The Misha Lakhani Bridal Couture line for Spring 2023 reflects a new voice of tradition and has something for everyone, whether it’s for an engagement, a wedding, or a trousseau. The collection also has a lot of color.

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