Indian women wrestler accused seniors of sexual harassment

Indian women wrestler accused seniors of sexual harassment

The top most wrestler of India, Vinesh Phogat, who is also a gold medalist in Common Wealth Games, has accused her seniors of sexual harassment. She said that our federation chief and coaches harass a lot of fellow athletes. Vinesh made this allegation during a public protest of male and female wrestlers in New Delhi.

She told reporters that President of wrestling federation of India, an important member of ruling Bharti Janta party is also involved in this illegal action. She said that more than 20 girls came to me and complained about coaches and WFI President and told their stories that how they got harassed in their training camps.

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India’s legacy in wrestling

She said that India is deeply hierarchical society, and we have so much wrestling talent in our country but most of the girls don’t come forward as they have fear of their dignity and respect to be destroyed. They got scared because the people on other side are more powerful and strong.

She further added that wrestling is our only livelihood but they are not letting us do it. Our only option is to die so let’s do something good before dying. She did not told that she was a victim herself but told the stories of other girls complaining her.

Former wrestler Sakhsi Malik was also there, she endorsed the allegation. Sakhsi Malik is also top wrestler of India who won Olympic bronze medal. She tweeted that athletes work really hard to win for country but federation is doing nothing other than disgracing and letting us down.

Indian sports ministry asked the federation tot report on allegations within twenty-four hours, whereas the president of federation denied all the allegations and said that he is ready to be hanged if any of the allegations proved against him.

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