New Photo editing feature for WhatsApp

New Photo editing feature for WhatsApp

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app which is evolving fastly and providing its users the best quality to share picture, videos and files of large mbs. It allows users to create business groups and communities to chat.

This Meta owned giant app introduced a lot of updates in past few years. The new update of photo editing app will allow users to separately record and take images without holding the button of recording.

It also updated it version to allowing the picture editing with many options. The users can also choose different colours and filters for their pictures without sending. The new introduced feature is right now available for beta version only but soon it will be available for all the users.

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Earlier version of WhatsApp

This is the age of global village where everyone needs to contact with each other all the time across the national and international borders. A lot of work has been going on through online sites like WhatsApp.

In this era of changing world technology, users get easily irritated if they cannot access the account easily. WhatsApp also allowed its users to connect via proxy when internet shuts down.

It also allows its users to make an account of WhatsApp and contact in other countries if their government block the service in country. The company claimed that this proxy support is launched for all the users around the world.

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This proxy allowing feature of WhatsApp ease the work of many users when governments restrict the app of cut off the internet service in their area. The proxy connection service of WhatsApp act as a bridge to connect users with each other no matter the area or border.

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