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Whatsapp Trick

Using WhatsApp for Various Reasons

More than a billion people around the world are currently using WhatsApp for all various reasons, whether it be corporate, familial, or just for socialization, WhatsApp is probably downloaded in everybody’s phones.

However, did you know that the aforementioned app has got some of the coolest tricks you’ll ever see? There are several ways to make your favorite IM app more efficient, from turning off WhatsApp‘s “last viewed” feature to bookmarking messages you don’t want to lose.

Become A WhatsApp Pro

Fortunately, we’ve combed through every corner of WhatsApp to extract its most helpful functions. In little time at all after reading this, you’ll be a WhatsApp pro.

Read Recipts

Turn off Read Receipts by selecting Account, then Privacy from the Settings menu. The one drawback is that you can no longer buy them as gifts for others.

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Blue Tick

Looking to sneak around? Putting your phone into Airplane Mode before reading a message will prevent you from getting a blue tick, which indicates that the sender has seen your response. Before turning your data back on, check sure you’ve exited the app. We promise to keep this a secret.

How to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp

Although attaching pictures onto every social media account is the norm nowadays, you can still have a little bit of privacy if you want to! Just head to settings, click privacy, then select “Profile Photo” and click “Nobody.”

That’ll hide your profile picture for sure!

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