Imran Warns Bureaucrats, Police Not To Follow ‘Illegal’ Govt Orders

Imran Warns Bureaucrats, Police Not To Follow ‘Illegal’ Govt Orders

Imran Khan Urged The Punjab Bureaucracy And Police

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), urged the Punjab bureaucracy and police on Tuesday to defy “illegal directives” from the provincial government during the upcoming local government elections, claiming the PTI has been upholding the departments’ records. 

He further asserted that his government did not pass on the cost of global inflation to the populace in spite of pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Then, he exhorted the populace to take part in the anti-inflation demonstration planned on July 2 at Islamabad’s Parade Ground. 

Hamza Shehbaz Will Not Hold Onto The Position Of Chief Minister Of Punjab

The former prime minister claimed it was becoming clear that Hamza Shehbaz will not hold onto the position of chief minister of Punjab for very long while appearing at a news conference and earlier presiding over a party meeting. 

I want to send a message to the police and bureaucracy in the province that what you are doing on the Sharif mafia’s orders and the way you treated people on May 25 [ahead of the PTI’s long march on Islamabad] is being recorded as by-elections on 20 general seats of the Punjab Assembly are about to be held. In the age of social media, everything is documented.” Addressing the police and bureaucracy, he stated, “They [the government] will not survive, but you salaried people will pay for each step you take against us.” He added that he had a record of all operations of police officials and that they should think about their families. 

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Khan Criticised The Appalling Financial State Of The Nation

Mr. Khan criticised the appalling financial state of the nation, claiming that despite IMF pressure, a sluggish economy, and the Covid-19 pandemic, the PTI government did not transfer the weight of global inflation to the general public. If “experienced thieves” continued to control the nation, he cautioned, it might suffer even more. 

Mr. Khan exhorted the populace to take part in the nonviolent demonstration he had called for on July 2 because it was for their future. The protest’s planning was discussed at the party meeting. 

PTI Central Additional Secretary General Blamed The Coalition Government

In the meantime, PTI Central Additional Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan blamed the coalition government for pushing the nation to the brink of economic collapse due to its allegedly flawed policies and a persistent rise in petroleum product prices, which ultimately brought the economic wheel to a grinding halt. He was speaking at a press conference at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House. 

While the oil and gas regulator had already allowed a four-fold increase in gas prices, he asserted that the price of gasoline would rise even more in the upcoming days to Rs320 per litre. He claimed that the “imported government” was lowering the voltage of electricity coming from grid stations, leaving homes and businesses without enough power and causing the greatest outages. 

The administration, according to Ayub, is guiding the nation toward catastrophe. In response to a query on the necessity for a change of government, he stated that the Economic Survey demonstrated that the PTI-led regime was working extraordinarily well.

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