Malaysian Cafe for Reptiles’ gatherings

Malaysian Cafe for Reptiles' gatherings

Yap Ming Yang opened a cafe in Malaysia to help people learn and care about reptiles. His idea behind this cafe is that people usually care about dogs, cats and other animals but they don’t put any attention to reptiles. We need to learn about nature of reptiles and should provide safe environment to these creatures on earth.

Ming Yang created a beautiful cafe with different setting inside, an aquarium, a greenery, sand holes and every type of setting is arranged for different kinds of reptiles. Bearded dragons, corn snakes, leopard geckos and lizards are among the special species resting in the cafe.

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Quality time with Reptiles

Yap’s cafe is located in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia famous for unique specied of reptiles. In this cafe, a lot of people come to visit on daily basis in order to spend some time with reptiles. Children and young people hold and take care of scaly animals while enjoying their food.

Yap to an interview said that, people are more concerned about pets like dogs, cats and other animals they leave out snakes and reptiles. Yap Ming Yang is a qualified environmental scientist and also a part of Malaysian Herpetology community (Study of Reptiles).

He decided to show the public that how interesting these reptiles are, through proper care and love they could be kept in houses as loving pets. Malaysia is rich in biodiversity and wildlife. It is also a famous destination for world tourism but many people felt uneasy with presence of a lot of reptiles in country.

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This new step of Yap Ming Yang proved to be very effective in safe places for reptiles and it would also help tourists to visit places with reptiles information. Some people might also interested in having reptiles as pets, this cafe also provides a lot of information and knowledge on nature of reptiles.

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