Green Pakistan Initiative, A road to success

Green Pakistan Initiative, A road to success

Green Pakistan Initiative is a major project that would create a lot of opportunities for the people of Pakistan. It would create a second agricultural revolution in the country providing a lot of jobs.

While talking about Green Pakistan Initiative, Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef said that agriculture was the backbone of country and the farmers worked hard to provide food to millions of Pakistani people.

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He added that the Green Pakistan initiative is a huge success for Pakistan and it would put the country on road to success. The farmers would be remembered in history as the builders of the nation.

It is the responsibility of government to provide all possible assistance to them. He added, “Farmers work hard but it is common knowledge that they are facing lack of resources”.

Green Revolution in 1960s

The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef said that Pakistan was inherent in hard work, the green revolution in 1960s was due to introduction of new varieties of seed, building of dams, canals and modern agricultural projects.

Due to the latest incentives given by government, production of different crops would also rise in Pakistan. Government is full time ready to invest in agriculture research centres.

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He further said, “Pakistan needed political stability to attract investment as in an unstable environment investors shy away”.

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