What is Worldcoin crypto project ?

What is Worldcoin crypto project ?

The OpenAI is now in the world of Cryptocurrency as the Chief Executive of openAI Sam Altman announced the launching of Worldcoin crypto project that relies on an eye scan to verify the identity of users.

The OpenAI is launching Worldcoin Crypto when the cryptocurrency industry is suffering really hard after the collapse of FTX and various legal cases against the big bodies of crypto sector.

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The Worldcoin website announced the news as, “The Worldcoin Foundation today announced that Worldcoin, a project co-founded by Sam Altman, Alex Blania and Max Novendstern, is now live”.

Private Digital Identity

The unique feature Worldcoin crypto will provide is Private Digital Identity, a ‘World ID’, after the users register in person using an ‘Orb’ imaging device that scans the unique pattern of users eye iris.

This will help users to solve one of the main challenge crypto is currently facing that is to spot scam and bots in the indsutry.

The company also launched its Worldcoin token, a tradable cryptocurrency in certain locations and platforms. It will help millions of users who participated in early tests to regain their tests and participation.

The main aim of Worldcoin Crypto is to create the World’s largest identity and financial public network. The company spent three years developing the project, and two million people signed up for World ID during beta testing.

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According to the website, Worldcoin is rolling out 1500 more Orbs in different locations across the globe which will allow millions to register in the World ID.

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