If you want to be rich buy these 5 cryptocurrencies in 2023

If you want to be rich buy these 5 cryptocurrencies in 2023

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies available in the market from Bitcoin, to Tether and Ethureum all are profit generator and help you get the desired amount of success in Block chain world. But before starting our investment in any cryptocurrency, we all need to check the market capitalization, most profit generator cryptocurrency and durable. Here are listing top 5 cryptocurrencies in market to help you invest in good site.


Bitcoin is created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is one of the original cryptocurrency with market cap of over $350 billion. As like most of the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin also work under the block chain technology and its transactions are distributed over thousands of computers. One of the main benefit of bitcoin is that it is safe from any kind of fraud and scam.

Anyone can invest it in safely and without doubt. The rate of bitcoin is increasing with passage of time, in May 2016 its trading rate was $500 and in January 2023 its trading rate increased to $17,500, it is a huge increase.

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It is one of the most favorite cryptocurrency to invest in by trading community because of its various benefits. Its smart contracts execute on automatically level when conditions are met. It is also witnessing great growth from its start. In 2016 its price was only $11 and in 2022 its trading rate was over $3000. While due to overall market crash in all around the world its yearly growth slowed down last year but it is increasing at high rate from the start of January. Its overall market cap is more than $170 billion.


Unlike any other currencies, the most appreciated type of cryptocurrency is Tether because of its availability in US dollar and euro. Its market cap is more than $66 billion, its market value is reliable and increasing fastly because most of the investors often dominates the trade in dollar and euro. If anyone wants to play safe and invest in reliable cryptocurrency, it is the best one to trade in.

Binance (BNB)

The market cap of Binance is over $45 billion. It is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, it is the form of cryptocurrency which you can easily use to pay anything on Binance. It is firstly launched in 2017, and expanded tremendously. The most benefit reason to invest in Binance is that it is also use to pay fees, for trading and even for booking travel arrangements across the world.

This cryptocurrency can also be traded in other forms like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its trading rate in the start of 2017 was just $10.10 and now in January 2023 it is trading on rate of $285, a drastic change.

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A digital technology and payment processing company, Ripple created the first XRP, its market cap is over $18 billion. The benefit of XRP is that it can be used on any network to exchange any kind of currencies including flat currencies. The price of XRP in the start of 2017 was just $0.006 and in January 2023 it is trading at the rate of $0.37, equal to the rise of more than 6000 %.

If any of the investor want to invest in cryptocurrency in 2023 these are the best trading and most benefited cryptocurrencies to invest in.

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