Foodie people of Lahore outside Tim Hortons

Foodie people of Lahore outside Tim Hortons

The coffee enthusiasts made a long queue outside the newly opened Tim Hortons chain in Lahore, it is a Canadian coffee brand offering a unique taste in coffee with cozy interiors. It is a great addition to Pakistani coffee shops as famous Tim Hortons opened its chain in heart of Pakistan, the place of food lovers, Lahore.

Tim Hortons provide bright with a mix of warm touch in interior along with different flavors of coffee and fast food options but the question is that does it offer services as same in Canada. The chain look same at a first glance, making it a great hangout spot for Lahoris and outsiders as well. Tim Hortons in Pakistan is not offering variety of options for its customers but of course it is offering limited but best.

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Unique flavors of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons offer hot and cold beverages in Espresso, Tims Classic, and Blended iced coffee, iced tea, Tims Signature Blends along with a lot of flavors within these options. Their signature French vanilla flavor is the most prominent one from Canada. It is also offering take away coffee tins that people are loving so much.

Tim Hortons also bought their classy donuts with coffee, and coffee lovers know that nothing is best combo as donut and coffee. Tim Horton’s donuts are soft, fresh and delicious with many different flavors among which vanilla and chocolate dip is the best one. A long queue outside Tim Hortons proved the success of branch in place like Lahore, where people don’t settle on less for their taste buds.

There are also a lot of options of sandwiches, Paninis and wraps available at Tim Hortons. The flavor of sandwiches have clearly adopted the fact of Lahoris food choices and selected Lahori Bhajis and Tikka sandwiches as their special serving.

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Talking about prices, it is affordable as coffee lovers know the price and quality well as they tried coffee from all around the world. Normal cup at Tim Hortons is available from 350 to 600 depending on flavors and a large cup is available for 400 to 800.

Tim Horton is one of the Canada’s largest coffee shop having 5300 outlets in 14 different countries. It is also opening two more branches in Lahore by February 18th and 25th.

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