Canada appointed its first combatting Islamophobic representative

Canada appointed its first combatting Islamophobic representative

Canada appointed its first special representative on combatting Islamophobia as the attacks on Islam and Muslims are increasing day by day. The post is given to journalist and social activist Amira Elghawabay. She will serve as the advisor to federal government to counter increasing Islamophobia.

The expert Almira will be helping to find out the cause behind Islamophobic incidents and enhance the government’s efforts against racism, discrimination on base of religion, culture, colour or country and religious intolerance.

Almira Elghawabay is head of communications for Race Relation foundation Canada. She is also a columnist for Toronto star newspaper. She also worked as public broadcaster of CBC for more than a decade.

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Justin Trudeau against Islamophobia

The President of Canada, Justin Trudeau praised Almira saying that she is capable for this post and will serve in our fight against Islamophobia and hatred against any reasons.  He added that Diversity is one of the great aim of Canada and we cannot let any force to use any kind of hatred against any human being in Canada.

From past few years, the attacks on Muslims community is increasing and outside forces are trying to target Muslims community of Canada. We are making this reform to work against Islamophobia.

The appointed representative Almira also tweets about Islamophobic incidents happening around the world in which Muslims are brutally killed because of their religion. She said that we must never forget this and make sure that nobody should attack us and on our religion.

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This idea of making a representative has been recommended by National Summit on Islamophobia in June 2021. This step of Canadian government would serve as a good example for other nations as well and give a message of peace and harmony over anything.

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