United Nation Call for Peace against Protests

United Nation Call for Peace against Protests

The United Nation has taken notice of disturbed law and order situation of Pakistan following the arrest of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, UN Secretary General Antonio Gusterres calling everyone to refrain from violence.

Pakistan is facing serious protests and conflicts after the arrest of former PM Imran Khan from Islamabad High Court following the case of Al-Qadir University project. Five people have died in violence in different cities of Pakistan.

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Economic Default and Conflicts

The country is already facing economic crises and a delay in International Monetary Fund Bailout Package since last year and now the political disruptions across the whole country is creating more chaos.

United Nations Secretary General appealed to all party members and nation of Pakistan to respect the rights of each other and conduct peaceful protests. He focused on needs for law-enforcers to honour the law while taking any decision.

Many state building, assets, military property, local residence of people have been attacked by protestors in all the four provinces of Pakistan against the arrest.

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Pakistan Army also issued a statement against violent protestors, ordering to beware of killing or burning anything, state buildings, installations, and properties. One who do not follow the order will be met with severe retaliation.

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