Snapchat AI Threats to Young users

Snapchat AI Threats to Young users

Snapchat, a social media platform used to capture memories and sharing it with friends all around the world. The platform launched its first Artificial Intelligence bot that allows chatting and sending images to a bot and getting response.

Technology experts have voiced their concerns about this feature and its serious impact on young users. AI expert and web consultants believe that there are also dangers ahead of every technology but it also depends on how we consume it.

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Joseph Raczynski AI expert, told media that ‘there are definitely some dangers ahead but I honestly believe this is something that is very important and a positive things, but it has to be done in a way that helps people understand what they are getting into and what they are actually accomplishing here’.

Real-time Technology Evolution

This Artificial Intelligence bot of Snapchat is the perfect example of how technology is evolving faster and how companies are going to react in real-time to address problems and concerns with AI.

The feature is currently available for premium users only but 750 million users already opted for this AI, which runs through the help of Open AI Chat GPT technology.

According to the research, 59% of users ages 15 to 29 are snapchat users, which means the feature is at fingerstips of young users. The feature needs the human touch and it will automatically response to the person according to needs.

The thing is people need to understand the difference of feature as a friend or as an Assistant that is just there to assist not to treat as a friend. Misinformation concern is also an important thing to mention here about the feature.

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Technology experts also talked about the need of AI advancements and how companies would go for such technologies to increase their business and to compete in global market. Parents and users themselves need to care about their well-being in this continuous fight of technology.

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