Salman Khan death Threats from UK

Salman Khan death Threats from UK

Salman Khan is getting death threats from Indian student who is living in United Kingdom, student will be brought back to India for further investigation. Bollywood star Salman Khan received a threatening email on his official ID.

The email detailed Salman Khan asking him to meet Goldy Brar, the aide of Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, to sort the things or else he will have to bear the serious consequences.

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The Indian student who sent the email is from Haryana, reportedly studying medicine in the UK. The student is already due to return to India by the end of year after completing his studies.

Look Out Circular (LOC) against him

The Indian police had issued a Look Out Circular (LOC) against him and also start the process to bring him back to country. The email stated that Salman Khan should meet Goldy Brar and sort out the things with him.

It was later found out that student sent the email to Salman Khan for fun. He was partying with friends when he got a dare to send email to Salman Khan giving death threats.

Salman Khan talked about the threat in a recent interview that, “Security is better than insecurity. Yes Security is there. Now it is not possible to ride bicycle on the road and go alone anywhere”. He said he is scared nowadays.

He added that, “Now I have this problem that when I am in traffic, then there is so much security, vehicles creating inconvenience to other people. They also give me a look. And my poor fans. There is a serious threat that’s why there is security”.

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Salman Khan had been provided with Y-Category security by Mumbai police to avoid any serious kind of incident.

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