WhatsApp new Feature for iOS Security

WhatsApp new Feature for iOS Security

WhatsApp, a Meta owned instant messaging app unveils new features for protection of iOS and Android devices. The new features announced by WhatsApp will secure user accounts with three new commands.

WhatsApp introduced the feature for Account Protection, Device Verification and Automatic Security Codes. The app is already providing the security with its end-to-end encrypted feature but three new features are supposed to offer more protection from any kind of threats.

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Feature Details

The First feature, “Account Protection” will make sure that it is user trying to login in account with a new device. The older device will be pinged when user tries to switch for a new device.

The second feature “Device Verification” is designed to tackle malware, a biggest threat to privacy and security of data. Malware and viruses have power to take control of phone’s data and this feature will protect the device from malware.

The third and last feature “Automatic Security Codes” help users to know who they are chatting with. This automatic feature allows users to check if their chatting and connection is secure or not.

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The feature of “Key Transparency” under the encryption tab now is available on WhatsApp through which users can easily check that if their personal conversation is secured or not. The private conversation can easily be accessed under a contact’s information in encryption tab.

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