What Is A ‘Zombie State’ Or ‘Zombie Country’? Is It A Warning Term?

What Is A 'Zombie State' Or 'Zombie Country'? Is It A Warning Term?

A nation that is on the verge of economic collapse, unable to pay its debts, and largely dependent on foreign aid to meet its basic requirements is referred to as a “zombie state” or “zombie country.” 

This phrase is frequently used to describe a nation that is experiencing a serious economic crisis, along with a freefalling economy, deindustrialization, and pervasive poverty.

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Due to their terrible financial crises, Pakistan and Lebanon have both been called “zombie states.” Due to decades of rivalry among the corrupt elites, Lebanon has experienced a hollowed-out economy, brain drain, massive poverty, and social unrest. 

Similar to Iran, Pakistan has been experiencing its greatest economic crisis in decades, with dwindling foreign exchange reserves, limited imports, and growing reliance on allies for financial assistance.

Former government advisor Sakib Sherani has drawn comparisons between the current state of Pakistan and Lebanon. 

He pointed out that both nations are largely dependent on foreign aid, are going through a serious economic crisis, and are unable to pay their bills. 

Business and industry closures in Pakistan’s economy have resulted in huge unemployment, capital flight, and a brain drain from the nation. Similar to Lebanon, where the economy has collapsed and there is a shortage of necessities like water and power.

The severe economic circumstances in these nations—where state breakdown has reached maturity, the economy is bankrupt, and the country is unable to pay its debts and commitments to foreigners—are referred to as “zombie states” or “zombie countries.” 

Such nations are dependent on aid and bailouts from an increasingly frustrated and small group of friendly nations to cover their basic import needs.

In the final analysis, the phrase “zombie state” or “zombie country” refers to nations that are going through significant economic crises. 

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Countries like Pakistan and Lebanon, where the economy has fallen apart, capital flight and unemployment are widespread, and the nation is severely dependent on foreign aid to cover its fundamental necessities. The best-case scenario must be avoided at all costs, and there is almost little time left.

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