10 best hidden WhatsApp features you need to know

10 best hidden WhatsApp features you need to know

With technology advancing, we are continuously looking for easier ways to make the most of it. WhatsApp is one such benefit of the advancing technology. It has rapidly become one of the most used instant messaging apps in the world. From video-calling family and friends to staying updated with office information over texts, we are constantly using WhatsApp for various features it offers. However, there are numerous hidden WhatsApp features you may not know. WhatsApp offers several unique features that are yet to be uncovered by users. 

Here are the best hidden WhatsApp features you need to know: 

  1. Using WhatsApp on computer or laptop

While working on office laptop/computer, you may want to access those important WhatsApp messages. Now, you can easily access your WhatsApp texts and calls on your computer, thanks to WhatsApp web version. Use the QR code on your smartphone’s WhatsApp to access the web version of the instant messaging app on your laptop/computer. 

  1. Export a conversation

Users can easily export a conversation if they require to save it for future use. Android mobile users are needed to tap on the Menu button on the respective conversation followed by More > Export Chat.

Furthermore, iPhone users can tap on the contact name at the top of the screen in the chat thread, then go to the bottom of the Contact Info page and select the Export Chat option. 

  1. Customise notifications

Users can set custom notification alerts for individual contacts as per their requirement. It will help them in knowing who is messaging them without even looking at the mobile phone. 

Android users are needed to select the Menu icon in a chat thread, followed by View Contact > Custom Notifications. On iPhone, they can tap on the contact’s name in chat thread and select the Custom Tone.

  1. No need to save media by default

Unnecessary photos and videos which are automatically saved by WhatsApp can take up a lot of space in your phone. Therefore, you can select the relevant options on WhatsApp on your smartphone to ensure that photos and videos are not saved to your camera roll by default. It will help in clearing the storage. 

On Android, you must go to Setting> Chats and turn off Media Visibility. On iPhone, go to Settings > Chats and turn off Save to Camera Roll.

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  1. Starring a message 

It becomes easy to find important messages if you have starred them. These messages can include important addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, articles, or official reports sent by your family, friends or colleagues. A long-press on the message will provide a menu where you can select the Star icon. Selecting the icon will add a star next to the message so that it becomes easy to find it without the need to scrolling through the entire conversation.

  1. Pin chats

Pin your favourite WhatsApp contacts on top so that it is easier to find them among so many chats. Long-press on the individual chat or group and tap on the pin icon to place the conversation on the top. iPhone users can swipe right on any chat and tap on the pin icon.

  1. Adding accents

You can make your chats standout with hidden WhatsApp features. From using emojis to adding bold type, italics, and strikethrough, your conversations will become more interesting on the messaging app. For making your messages in italics, use underscore signs on both sides of your _text_. Furthermore, use star key on both sides of the *text* to make it bold. To add strikethrough on your messages, use twiddles on both sides of the ~message~.

  1. Remove blue ticks

This hidden WhatsApp feature will allow you to remove read receipts or blue ticks on your messages if you do not always want someone to know that you have read their message. By turning off your read receipts on chats, you can ensure privacy on your conversations. However, it is yet to possible to remove read receipts/blue ticks on group chats.

  1. Temporary messages

WhatsApp recently rolled out a self-destructing messages feature which allowed users to protect sensitive information. Users can select the auto-delete option to ensure that certain information gets deleted automatically after some time. In the chat box, users can select the Messages option and then turn on the Temporary Messages switch.

  1. Mute a conversation

WhatsApp provides a hidden feature to silent a group conversation or chatty friend which constantly pop up on your notification box. Android users can long-press on your conversation, following which they can tap on the crossed-out speaker icon. It will allow them to mute the conversation for 8 hours, one week and always. Similarly, iPhone users can swipe to the left across a conversation, then select the three-dot button and then Mute option.

These hidden WhatsApp features can make your experience on the instant messaging app easier and more creative. Let us know if you know any other cool features on the app.

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