AI Technology, Impact on Journalism

AI Technology, Impact on Journalism

The AI revolution is just changing the world culture by doing many tasks in various fields. Journalists around the world are also using Artificial Intelligence Chat bots to write columns, articles and publish new stories on websites.

But many experts from the field of media and journalism research says that Chat bots are not good enough to take the jobs of journalists. However it could be a key battleground between struggling journalists and AI chatbots.

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The CNET Technology news site headed the way and used AI bots to write some of its articles. Later on another website pointed out many mistakes bod had made in the articles. CNET also announced job cut of their important staff including editorial Chief.

The German Publisher Axel Springer told that, “Artificial Intelligence do have potential to change the work pattern of journalism. It could easily replace human journalists”. AI Chatbots are better options for proofreading, editing and rewriting of news materials.

Mike Wooldridge from Oxford University said that, The ChatGPT will replace journalists in the same way as spreadsheets replaced mathematices, simply It will not. Some of the tasks could be done by AI bots but not the whole field.

Syndrome of Great Technological Replacement

The experts all around the world are conducting different researches on the impact of AI tools from various angles. Some of the researches also concluded that journalists are facing the syndrome of Technological replacement.

Many journalists experienced fear of losing their jobs and fear of replacement by Chatbots. The authors also found that Chatbots can save some time but they are not capable to replace the skills of real journalists.

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The robots are not capable of producing articles without human help, a journalistic work is still unique and irreplaceable by Chatbots.

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