Ways Stress affects Human Brain

Ways Stress affects Human Brain

Brain control various important function of human body and it can be affected by stress which is part of daily life of a person. Stress is basically a situation that prepares human body for danger or respond to emergencies.

Constant stress cause brain to pay the price. Stress is basically fight and flight process of body in condition of threat. The Fear center of brain cause number of events when human body is under stressed situations. Brain often release stress hormones and increase blood pressure as well as glucose level.

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During stress situation of body, the fear center of brain is constantly working, meaning the body is in continous situation of tension. Stress often cause problems with digestion system, sleep schedule and immune system. When brain only works for stress part it also disturbs other functions of body making serious issues in body.

Impairs Memory

One of the main issue caused by continous stress that is observed by many researchers is memory Impairment. People who stress a lot tends to lose their memory and less likely to remember anything.

Changes in Brain structure

During the stress conditions, the structure of brain is totally disturbed causing increase in production of white matter of brain and less production of grey matter.

White matter and grey matter are two important organs present in brain responsible for decision making and problem solving. When brain overcomes stress situations, the imbalance in white matter and grey matter occurs which results in dysfunction of brain.

Mental Illness

Stress situations also play important role in development of mental illness. Important theories from world wide researchers explain that having in stress condition daily can cause difficulty in communication with others. It also fades away the memory of brain and people start to loose their confidence in dealing with others and doing their daily work.

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Brain Shrinking

Stress can also cause human brain to shrink. The areas of human brain related to emotions, metabolism and memory can shrink with stress. People with stress in their daily life routine can also witness situations of brain damage and brain failure.

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