Is Mehwish Hayat coming back to TV ?

Is Mehwish Hayat coming back to TV ?

Mehwish Hayat is one of the brilliant actress of Pakistani entertainment industry. She also became the first Pakistani to reach in Marvel project. She started her career from Pakistani TV industry and worked on many films.

All the cinematic work of Mehwish Hayat are nearly big hits in Pakistan as well as in International Cinema. Her films Jawani Phir ni Nahi aani, London nahi jaun Gi, Load wedding, Punjab Nahi Jaun gi, Challawa became big hits for Pakistani film industry.

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Last Project of Mehwish Hayat on TV

Mehwish Hayat quit TV projects 5 years back with her last drama Dillagi with Humayun Saeed. After that she only focused on films. She is definitely one of the biggest star and people love her performances on TV and Cinema.

Her fans have been waiting for her return to Television. In a recent interview with Shoaib Akhtar, Mehwish Hayat was asked with question about her return to Television after doing an international project of Ms. Marvel.

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Mehwish Hayat responded to question saying that she has been away from TV for 5 years and now she is all ready to sign a drama with good script. She said that she also wants to reach her TV audience soon.

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