Headache, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Headache, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Headache often seems normal in daily routine, many people experience it due to study burden, work overload or screen timings. They are often considered as the common form of headache that can be cured with normal diet but headaches could be dangerous in some cases.

Types of Headache

There are more than 150 types of headaches based on different reasons and causes falling into two major categories, Primary Headaches and Secondary Headaches.

Primary Headache is caused by over-activity, stress or any dysfunction in your head. It is not considered as a medical condition and in some patients, primary headaches are transferred genetically. Tension headache, Migraine headache, Cluster Headache, intake of nitrates headache, excessive physical activity headache, skipped meals, poor posture, and lack of sleep are considered as major primary Headache reasons. They are not very much dangerous but on daily basis could ruin your routine.

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The dangerous and underlying medical condition causes secondary headaches, they are properly diagnosed and refer as medical condition that should be treated by doctor.

Some of secondary headaches are not dangerous and can be treated easily. Dehydration Headache, overuse of medicine headache and sinus headache lies in this category. It can be resolve and treated by a doctor easily.

However, Spinal headache are intense type of headache, its prolonged experience often leads to life-threatening situations. It is caused when spinal fluid leaks out of the membrane covering the spinal cord.

Thunderclap headache is also an extremely painful type of headache that occurs suddenly like a thunder and hike to its extreme situation within minutes. It is really important to seek medical consultation after experiencing thunderclap headache. It could be a result of head injury, inside bleeding, or sudden rise of blood pressure.

Treatment of Headache

For treating headache or getting rid of it, everyone needs to find out the reason behind the headache. If it is primary and can be treated easily with changing your routine, working on eating and exercise habits and controlling your stress management then it is of no problem.

Not every headache requires medication for recovery, a range of home treatments are available based on type and range of headache but using any treatment without knowing the cause of headache is still dangerous for health.

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For secondary type of headaches, medication and treatment provided by a medical consultant is always a best option. In some cases headaches might lead to surgery and proper treatment of months and years. It is always better to consult a doctor if you don’t know the reason behind headache.

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