Clashes erupt in different cities due to arrest of Imran Khan

Clashes erupt in different cities due to arrest of Imran Khan

Islamabad Police flew away to Lahore Zaman Park to carry out the arrest operation of formee Prime Minister Imran Khan. All the other law and order forces of Lahore and Islamabad also gathered in Mall road Lahore to control the situation.

IGP Dr Usman Anwar briefed media that 300 personnel of Punjab police and Islamabad police had gone to Zaman Park to arrest Imran Khan to implement the court orders. The protest situation erupted in the whole country after court order.

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He told media that police personnel tried to negotiate with PTI protestors but in result they are injured with stones. DIG and 27 of police officers are in hospital due to stone bombardment from PTI workers and protestors.

Petrol bombs at police

IGP also said that PTI protestors have petrol bombs which they threw at police. Police and security personnel are just trying to follow court orders and peacefully arrest Imran Khan but in response PTI workers are creating conflicting situatiobm

He further said that, if this kind of hooliganism and conflict continuous then police will start arresting and registering FIRs according to law. Anyone is not allowed to come in way of law and order to disturb the peace of whole Pakistan.

However, Imran Khan met Lahore High Court Bar Association President Choudhary Ishtiaq and gave him the undertaking to appear in court on 18th March. Islamabad High Court fixed the hearing for today after rejecting party’s request.

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Fawad Chohdary also said that arrest warrant against Imran Khan was fixed for March 18, police should call off the operation and wait for next orders from court. Conducting operation and arresting Imran Khan before time is totally objectionable.

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