Political disturbance delaying IMF deal

Political disturbance delaying IMF deal

Pakistan is hoping to lock the deal with International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make the economic conditions of country stable but due to current political disruption of country it seems that delay is expected in finalizing the deal.

Sources reported that IMF is expecting from Pakistan to stabilize its political situations first to make any deal. The finalization of deal depends on safe political scenario of Pakistan.

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IMF and Pakistan is seeking to negotiate the resumption of $7 billion for months but yet not reached any agreement. Finance Secretary Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh tolf media that Pakistan has missed IMF timelines in past also.

IMF agreements not fulfilled

Pakistan also showed negligence in implementing a series of policy measures suggested by IMF like increasing taxes, energy prices and increasing interest rates.

Two major issues now causing delay in IMF deal are political and financial problems Pakistan is currently dealing with. IMF wants Pakistan to show that if country can raise enough financial plans to pay back the funds.

Another issue raised by IMF is political disturbance in country, the conflict among political parties is delaying the deal lock continuously. China, Saudi Arabia and other countries came forward to help Pakistan but according to IMF it is not enough to loco the deal.

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IMF needs assurance from current government part and opposition as well to finalize the deal.

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