PIA Ticket Booking through WhatsApp

PIA Ticket Booking through WhatsApp

Pakistan International Airlines introduced the use of Artificial Intelligence ChatBots of WhatsApp to book tickets. Passengers can now easily book tickets using WhatsApp chatbots.

The Confirmation, cancellation and booking of tickets are now on hands just a second away with the launch of WhatsApp Chatbot by Pakistan International Airlines. Passengers can get detailed guidance on ticket confirmation, seat and other details before their flight.

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Value-Added Service

The official handle of Pakistan International Airlines tweeted that, “Pakistan International Airlines is stepping ahead furrher for customer support services by introducing another value-added service WhatsApp Chatbot”.

In the past passengers used to visit ticket booking office or call a helpline to gain the service but through WhatsApp chatbot it is made easy to book tickets and arrange schedule for flights in busy routine.

AI in Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are widely used in business communities especially in customers services. All the giant companies and even local companies are now using AI chatbots for customer services.

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With the use of chatbots in customer services, a lot of time can be saved and human efforts are shorten. Now people can spend their time in more crucial tasks rather than customer service which could easily be handled by Chatbots.

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