ProWritingAid, good alternative to Grammarly

ProWritingAid, good alternative to Grammarly

There are a lot of AI technologies making name and money from around the world. Grammarly is one of the important Microsoft tool used by many people to create perfect documents and satisfy the writer before sending their documents to anyone.

The basic version of Grammarly is free of cost but the services it provide is somehow not enough to make the document perfect and free of errors. The basic version of AI Grammarly tool checker is widely popular among users and premium version is still our of reach due to high prices.

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ProWritingAid is an another AI tool to check mistakes and remove errors from any kind of documents, summaries, reports, and papers. It provides reasonable premium packages with a lot of services. It is one of the best alternative for Grammarly to used by bloggers, content writers and novelists.

The tool designed in ProWritingAid optimizes written content, rectifies grammatical error, also help in correcting punctuation mistakes.

Available for both Mac and Windows

The best thing this AI tool offers is its availibility on both Mac and Windows, it can also be installed as an extension on your browser. Users can also install its app on computer and laptops to upload and copy paste files for checking errors.

The browser extension of ProWritingAid also check overused words, incorrect tenses, cliches and overall readability of articles and documents of any kind. It also provide the feature of editing writing styles and tones along with perfect suggestions.

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One complication is that it does not offer the service of mobile app like Grammarly but overall it is one of the best AI tool for grammar and spelling correction. The monthly subscription charges of ProWritingAid is $30 and $10 per month on yearly payment.

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